Rankin Manual Vibratory Carbide Feeder 

Rankin's Manual Vibratory Carbide Feeder is simple to operate and provides a unique handheld, automated feeder for all grades of tungsten carbide. It offers:

  • tungsten carbide concentration up to 80% 
  • unprecendented part life 
  • less carbide dilution 
  • consistent, high quality deposit rates 
  • thicker deposits for longer part life 
  • lightweight and portable 
  • easy integration with most MIG wire welding machines 


  • large volume carbide hopper holds up to 50 lbs.
  • feeder assembly 
  • aluminum metering funnel 
  • 4" metering tube with collar 
  • 6" short guide tube with clamp for gun mounting 
  • 115 VAC line cable with three prong plug 
  • remote control pendant
  • five (5) feet .625 drop hose 
  • 110V and 220V available 

Rankin's Manual Vibratory Carbide Feeder offers extraordinary efficiency in making tungsten carbide deposits for extreme wear resistance and portable hardfacing applications for ground engagement tools in the construction, agriculture, energy and oil, mining and dredging industries. 

For more information, please call Rankin Inside Sales at 800.845.7259 or visit sales@brocoinc.com.




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