Ranomatic® D 

General Description

Deposits of Rankin's Ranomatic® D possess the highest hardness of any iron base alloy. As deposited, the Rockwell C hardness for two layer deposits of Ranomatic D is 62-64. This super alloy has a highly refined grain structure which resists virtually any abrasive material. Ranomatic D is often used as a substitute for more expensive tungsten carbide on drilling tools, dredge cutter heads, tool joints and other tools with areas subject to high abrasion. Can be applied to carbon, alloys, manganese steels, and cast iron.

Typical Applications 

Oil Industry: drilling tools, tool joints, drill collars
Agriculture: cultivator points, sweeps, plows, sub-soilers, grain hammers, chisel points
Mining: drill stems, collars, augers, hammers, roll crushers, buckets and teeth 
Brick & Clay: augers, feeder shoes, muller plows, pug mill paddles, screw conveyors
Construction: asphalt mixer paddles, dipper teeth, buckets, ditcher teeth 

Welding Parameters 

Diameter  1/16" .045"  
Current DCRP DCRP  
Amperage 175-300 170-225  
Voltage 26-32 24-28  
Shielding Gas COor 75/25
or no gas
COor 75/25
or no gas

Wire Extension 1/2" - 1 1/4" 1/2" - 3/4"  

Deposit Characteristics 

Hardness (two layers):  HRC 62-64
Abrasion Resistance:  Outstanding 
Impact Strength:  Moderate 
Retains properties to:  1100°F 
Machinability:  Grinding only 
Thickness:  2-3 layers recommended (multiple layers with proper procedures)
Deposit cross check:  Yes 

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