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Product No. Description
PCRP-303 Collet Nut
PCRP-304 Compression Washer
PCRP-305A 3/8" Collet Kit 3/8" Collet and Washer
PCRP-305B 1/4" Collet Kit 1/4" Collet and Washer
PCRP-305C 1/2" Collet Kit 1/2" Collet and Washer
PCRP-305D 3/16" Collet Kit 3/16" Collet and Washer
PCRP-307 Flash Arrestor Assembly (flash arrestor and flash arrestor screen)
PCRP-308 Flash Arrestor Screen
PCRP-309 Coupler Assembly
PCRP-310 Control Valve Assembly
PCRP-311 Control Valve Lever Assembly (lever, screw and nut)
PCRP-312 Black Camlok (male)
PCRP-313 Red Camlok (red) for striker plate
PCRP-314A Striker Plate Assembly, 15' Cable
PCRP-314B Striker Plate Assembly, 5' Cable
PC/SP-20 Striker Plate Assembly, 20' Cable with red battery clamp, for PC/A-20
PC/SP-30 Striker Plate Assembly, 30' Cable with red battery clamp, for PC/TA-60
PCRP-315 Leather Shield, PC/LS



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