PMA Preforms 


PMA designs and manufactures custom-made brazing preform rings made of nickel-based alloys. PMA uses customers' required alloy mix, size and shape specifications then PMA produces preforms with 99.99% quality repeatability.

PMA engineers and produces custom preforms for customer specific applications. PMA preforms reduce waste of alloy, cost of labor and rework by increasing mass production quantities. Preforms are easy to handle and offer considerable advantages where controlled thickness of brazing joint and uniform coverage are required. 

PMA manufactured preforms are ideal for

  • High precision-detailed work
  • Mass production quantities 

With PMA preforms

  • Yield 100% acceptance rate FIRST PASS, FIRST TRY
  • No fillers or binders are required 
  • Controlled amount of alloy for cost effective joints
  • Solution for automated brazing and soldering systems 
  • Eliminate costly hand feed operatons 
  • Custom engineered dimensions within 0.0004
  • 99.99% quality repeatability 

Advantages for customers using PMA preforms 

  • Reduction of time and material applying alloys
  • Cleaner than using brazing paste
  • Easy budgeting of materials for lean manufacturing 
  • No Rework 
  • Shelf stable
  • Wetting of alloys is uniform and smooth at joint 

Brazing preforms can be designed to fit into many different physical configurations to meet specific applications. They come in many shapes and sizes, such as washers, rings, balls, discs, shims, formed wires, arc rings and irregular shapes. The size of the preform is determined by the area it is being used to join and the material desired. 

All preforms are custom engineered and manufactured. Please call Rankin PMA at 800.845.7259 or 909.483.3222 to discuss preform options, or contact us at

PMA Nickel Brazing Flyer 2020 


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