Rankin PMA VERSAlloy® Brazing Alloys 

Rankin PMA VERSAlloy® brazing alloys are self-fluxing nickel alloys which offer high tensile strength, excellent toughness, high corrosion resistance, high elasticity, and low coefficient of friction.  They are widely recognized for their exceptional properties. They are available in rods, powders and preforms.  

Rods sizes available are 1/32 x 12", 3/64 x 18", 3/64 x 6", 1/16 x 18", 3/32 x 18", 1/8 x 18", 5/32 x 18", 3/16 x 18".

Powders are available in -325 mesh to -140+325 mesh.

Preform rings are designed and made to order based on customer provided specifications.

Additional alloys and formulations are available upon request.  Please call Rankin PMA at 800.845.7259 or 909.483.3222 for custom formulations.


Rankin PMA Product Industry Name      Mechanical  
and Characteristics
VERSAlloy® 75 AMS 4775
Solidus: 1790ºF
Liquidus: 1900ºF 
Brazing Temp: 1950-2200
High temp, high stress alloy with good corrosion and flow rates
Jet engine parts, turbine blades
VERSAlloy® 76 AMS 4776
Solidus: 1780ºF
Liquidus: 1970ºF 
Brazing Temp: 1950-2200ºF 
High temp, high stress alloy with low carbon and slow flow for wide gaps
Nuclear, aircraft, food processing, dental
VERSAlloy® 77 AMS 4777
Solidus: 1780ºF
Liquidus: 1830ºF 
Brazing Temp: 1850-2150ºF 
Excellent general purpose alloy
Heat exchangers, honeycomb 
VERSAlloy® 78 AMS 4778
Solidus: 1800ºF 
Liquidus: 1900ºF 
Brazing Temp: 1850-2150ºF 
Flows freely, less sensitive to dry atmosphere, long/deep/tight joints
Jet engine parts, turbine blades
VERSAlloy® 79 

AMS 4779

Solidus: 1800ºF
Liquidus: 1900ºF 
Brazing Temp: 1850-2150ºF 
Wide melting range, easy to machine, wide gap applications, torch brazing 
Honeycomb, food pump impellers
VERSAlloy® 83 AMS 4783
Solidus: 1900ºF 
Liquidus: 2090ºF 
Brazing Temp: 2100-2250ºF 
High elevated temperature strength, for cobalt and super alloys
Cobalt based jet engine parts

Call Rankin PMA at 909.483.3222 for more information, or contact us at sales@rankin.com

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