PMA VERSAlloy® 40-60 - Nickel Alloys

Rankin PMA VERSAlloy® Nickel wear-facing alloys offer excellent resistance to the effects of corrosion, erosion, high temperature oxidation, abrasion, and metal-to-metal wear. Nickel is tougher, harder, and more durable than metal steel alloys like iron. Cast iron, stainless steel, and mild steel parts overlaid with nickel alloy last up to ten times longer than untreated parts and parts coated with common hardfacing alloys. The low melting point (under 2000ºF) enables overlays to be applied with minmal dilution and base metal distortion.

Rankin PMA VERSAlloy® Nickel rods are self-fluxing on conventional base metals. PMA offers the highest purity sintered powder rods, and are never contaminated by fillers, binders or tubes. The easy to use trapezoid-shaped rods are ideal for hard surfacing, maintenance and repair welding for maximum resistance to corrosion, high temperature, and extreme wear.

Rankin PMA Product General Description Mechanical Properties
& Characteristics


AWS A5.13

Severe Metal-to-Metal Wear with Low Impact Typical Rc Hardness: 57-61 
Melting Temp: 1900°F

Cams, shafts,
bushings, valve seats, cement pumps

VERSAlloy® 55
AWS A5.13
Moderate Impact, High Corrosion and Wear Typical Rc Hardness: 53-57
Melting Temp: 1925ºF
Food, chemical, petroleum processing, screws
VERSAlloy® 50
AWS A5.13
Medium Impact and Severe Abrasion Typical Rc Hardness:
Melting Temp: 1950ºF
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Mining bits, agriculture implements, pulp knives, cutting bars
VERSAlloy® 40
AWS A5.13
High Impact, High Temperature, and Low to Medium Abrasion Typical Rc Hardness:
Melting Temp: 2000ºF
Rock bits, impact hammers, dies, molds, plungers, valve slides

Rods are available in 18" lengths, with diameters of 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", and 1/4".  Coated electrodes may be ordered upon request.

Additional Rankin PMA VERSAlloy® formulations and sizes are also available upon request.

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